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HSA Figures Show a 23 per cent Decline in Workplace Fatalities in 2018

  • Total number of fatalities at lowest level since the formation of the HSA in 1989
  • Fatality rate at lowest level on record at 1.6 deaths per 100,000 workers
  • Farm fatalities down by 40%

Figures released by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) show that 37 people were killed in work related accidents in 2018, a decline of 23% on 2017 and the lowest figure since the establishment of the HSA in 1989. The farming sector, which has consistently been the most dangerous sector in which to work, featured 15 work related deaths last year compared to 25 in 2017, a decline of 40%. The fatal accident rate of 1.6 deaths per 100,000 workers is also now at an all-time low.

47 people tragically lost their lives as a consequence of workplace accidents in Ireland in 2017. Unfortunately workplace accidents are on the increase and behind these statistics there are families who have lost loved ones and employees who will never be able to work again because of a workplace accident.

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is the public body with responsibility for enforcing occupational safety and health law in the workplace. A major part of their remit is to raise awareness and promote accident prevention. The HSA website has comprehensive information on health and safety in the workplace and provides information and advice to employers and employees.

The HSA has significant legislation supporting its mandate. Their primary concern is to reduce accidents in the workplace through employer and employee education and to support Irish businesses in making the workplace a safer working environment. In the event that the preventative approach to safety is not implemented, the HSA initiates legal proceedings to protect workers.

Typical Workplace Accidents.

While there are many different types of workplace accidents, the most common types of industrial accidents are –

Trips or falls.
Falling objects particularly on building sites.
Collapsing walls, foundations or trenches.
Machinery accidents.
Injuries sustained while lifting.
Extreme temperatures exposure, electrocution, sudden pressure changes, exposure to harmful substances and radiation.
Breathing or consumption of harmful substances.

It is the responsibility of your employer to provide a safe working environment. When an employer fails in their statutory duties and obligations, and the consequences are the death or injury of an employee you may be entitled to compensation.

If you or a loved one, has been the victim of a workplace accident, please phone 01 87 444 22 or fill in our enquiry form and a client care executive will be happy to help you.

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