Why Work With Us.

Malcomson Law is a dynamic and progressive law firm who provide a wide range of services to private individuals, businesses and companies. We have excellent lawyers capable of handling and resolving all forms of private disputes.  We pride ourselves on our client focused approach and for understanding our clients ultimate goals. With our highly effective style and professional approach, we focus on making a valuable contribution to the progress of our client’s case and providing value for money. We seek to bring our clients solutions, not problems.  We recognize that people are the cornerstone of Malcomson Law’s success.

We are proud of Malcomson Laws history of treating employees with respect and dignity and are committed to building upon this tradition. We recognize that communication must be frequent and candid and that we must support others with the tools, training and authority they need to succeed in achieving their responsibilities, goals and objectives. We listen to the ideas of our colleagues and respond appropriately. We seek an environment that fosters personal and professional growth and achievement.