More Stryker hip implant products are recalled.

Stryker hip implant products are recalled

More Stryker hip implant products are recalled. Stryker are now recalling further hip implant products. Stryker has voluntarily recalled some of their V40 femoral heads. This is a popular implant used in hip replacement surgery. On the 29 August 2016 American surgeons were sent a letter by Stryker warning them of a “higher than expected” implant failure. This recall relates to the LFITTM Anatomic CoCr   V40TM Femoral head implant. These recalled femoral heads have been used in hip replacement surgery in conjunction with Exeter, Citation, Meridian, Reliance, Definition, Restoration, Accolade, Rejuvenate and ABG II stems

Previously, in 2012, Stryker recalled the Rejuvenate and the ABG II modular-neck stem devices. A Settlement Scheme has already been set up in the USA to facilitate compensation to individuals who have sustained injury as a result of implant failure in relation to the Rejuvenate and the ABG II modular-neck stem device.

With the latest news of the voluntary withdrawal of the V40 femoral head, a flood of claims is anticipated, similar to those received following the recall of the Depuy hip implants.

Although there may be a multitude of factors leading to a particular implant failure, the concern which has led to the voluntary withdrawal of the V40 product is due to corrosion and metal debris at the junction between the metal head and neck. This leads to destruction of soft tissue, muscle and bone.

Symptoms to be aware of in relation to implant failure may include the following:-

  • loss of mobility
  • pain
  • inflammation
  • adverse local tissue reaction
  • dislocation
  • joint instability
  • broken bones around the components
  • leg length discrepancy

Malcomson Law currently represent clients/patients who have been required or require early revision surgery to remove hip implants. These patients all allege that they have suffered adverse reactions due to metal wear debris as a result of the metal on metal hip component. They have suffered greatly in relation to their quality of life, the early failure of the hip replacement and the necessity for further surgery.

If you have been affected or believe you have been affected by a Stryker hip implant then please contact one of our dedicated hip team solicitors.