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 Charity 2018  

Asbestos Related Diseases


Asbestos and in its natural state consists of long thin fibrous crystals generally a white, brown, or blue fibrous mineral. Read more


Workplace Acccidents


Sadly 55 people were tragically lost as a consequence of workplace accidents in Ireland in 2011. Unfortunately workplace accidents are on the increase and behind these statistics there are families who have lost loved ones. Read more


Hearing Loss and Tinnitus


Hearing Loss and Tinnitus. Read more

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Solicitors for Medical Negligence

Solicitors for Medical Devices and Consumer Products Recallss

Solicitors for Hep C and HIV Compensation Tribunal

Solicitors for Coroners and Inquests

Solicitors for Personal Injury

Solicitors for Workplace Injuries and Illness

Solicitors for Employment Law

Solicitors for Will Disputes and Probate

Commercial and General Litigation

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