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 Charity 2018  

Enduring Power of Attorney


An EPA is a legal document which contains a statement by you (the donor) giving general or specific powers to your attorney. An attorney can be a friend, spouse, family or a lawyer. Read more


Inheritance Tax


Inheritance Tax arises where you (the beneficiary) receive an inheritance as a result of someone dying. The beneficiary is liable for paying tax if the inheritance is over a certain limit or threshold. Read more


Power of Attorney


There are two types of powers of attorney – a universal or common law power of attorney and an enduring power of attorney. Read more




Probate is the legal process for the fair and even distribution of a deceased person’s estate, according to their wishes. Read more


Wills Trusts and Disputes


There is nothing more traumatic than dealing with the death of a loved one.  If there is no will, this will increase the distress even more. Read more

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Solicitors for Medical Negligence

Solicitors for Medical Devices and Consumer Products Recallss

Solicitors for Hep C and HIV Compensation Tribunal

Solicitors for Coroners and Inquests

Solicitors for Personal Injury

Solicitors for Workplace Injuries and Illness

Solicitors for Employment Law

Solicitors for Will Disputes and Probate

Commercial and General Litigation

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